So, you are interested in becoming an ‘Alan Entwistle Pickups’ artist and brand endorsee?! Our criteria is quite loose, but before you contact us, please read the following and judge for yourselves whether you think you have potential as an ‘Alan Entwistle Pickups’ artist. This will save on time and disappointment if you don’t seem like a good ‘fit’ for the brand, or maybe just aren’t quite ready, yet.


What ‘qualities’ are we looking for in new artist endorsees?


What we definitely like:


  • Decent people! – We all just want to get along
  • Decent players – Competence on your instrument (this doesn’t mean you have to be a virtuoso…..just show you have put in some work)
  • An affinity with our brand – Preferably already using at least one of our pickups with some knowledge of who we are and what we do
  • Solo artists and those of you in bands, too
  • A presence in the music business – This may be gigging, recording your own music , session work, demo work, etc
  • A social media presence – It doesn’t matter which platform, but a reasonable and growing audience is so important in todays music world


What we definitely don’t like:


  • Ego / prima donnas / ridiculous demands / trolling / overly expectant people
  • Behaviour that any brand wouldn’t want to be associated with, online or offline!
  • People looking for free gear (you won’t find it here!)


These lists aren’t exhaustive. They will probably change and even if you seemingly tick all these boxes, we may still think that this isn’t the right time for you to join our artist endorsees (possibly because of us and our situation / what we are focussing on at the time). That’s just how it goes! If you blatantly aren’t right / ready, and react badly to rejection, maybe consider not applying……

Ultimately, we are looking for common-sense enquiries from people who fall into the first list above and are nowhere near the second list. If you have considered the above and still think that your brand and ours are compatible, go to our CONTACT FORM and drop us a message stating why you want to join the fold, what makes you a good ‘fit’ and what you think we can do for each other in a brand partnership. Include your links to social media / streaming platforms / web pages, etc so we can see who you are and what you are about.


Thanks for your interest. It means a lot to us that you would consider joining the family at ‘Alan Entwistle Pickups’.