My father and I are luthiers and I use your pickups on our guitars. I have recorded many albums and several concerts and I play in a very famous Italian progressive rock band. I adore your pickups and since I’ve been using them I stopped looking for anything else!

Carmine C / Facebook
I’ve got a set of ASN57s which are great! I thought I’d take a bit of a punt on them for a bitsa Strat and they have surprised me! They actually were the preferred pickup in a blind test (just with a few friends and not very scientific though) for achieving the Frightened City sound compared to the Toneriders and the ones in my CS ’57 RI. Trouble is the guitar is white and we only gig red Strats ☹️. More soldering upcoming I think.
Roger C / Facebook

The Entwistle AL90s combined with the ATN5 give a great range of tones from full throated P90 growl to a whole bunch of variously scooped chimes that suit the RJT60-12 down to the ground and make it a supremely versatile tone machine that can do Dano, Rick and Fender 12 string tones as well as plenty of its own.

Steve F
Love the HV58s in my Tanglewood TSB 58 LPs… brilliant pickups!
Chris P / Facebook
One of the best pickups on the market IMO.
Andrzel O / Facebook
Got a HDN in neck position, and a Nemesis on bridge. Incredible sound that is VERY near for all John Petrucci application.
Emmanuel B

love your pickups – I have a set in my Jansen Jazzman guitar and I have never had a set of pickups drive a fuzz pedal better – they really bite and really make the most of the distortion.

Fander J / Instagram

I have a HVX in the neck of an ’85 Fender Japanese Contemporary Telecaster, wonderful pickup. Still trying to find a guitar for its matching bridge one which is sat here

G W / Facebook
I still have the Dark Star in bridge and HDN in neck in my Yamaha SG.. powerful pickups.
Mike B / Facebook

I have been using your pick-ups for several years and I am finally satisfied because thanks to you I am able to obtain my idea of sound! My guitars have your pick-ups and they are featured in all my albums and live shows! Thank you! 😃

Carmine C
I had a set of the Dark Star ND when those were available! Loved them! Great pickup.
Wayne F / Facebook

I have a set of HDNs in one on my guitars that I really like the sound of.

Dave M / Facebook
I have many different Entwistle pickups and love them all, but mainly the Neodymium humbuckers.
Miguel B / Facebook

Replaced the Duncan QP’s in my Peavey Scorpio DE with PBXN & JBXN, one of my better decisions 👍

David B / Facebook
I have a set of JBX pickups in one of my ‘workhorse’ Jazz’s,
Love the tone I get…
Steve L
HV58 is a cracker.😀
Derek S / Facebook

I’ve bought some of your HDN pickups and put them in my latest kit build. They’re awesome!

James N / Facebook
Superb pickups! 👍 Love the HV58s! 👍
Finlay M

Entwistle Pickups rules!!!

Fernando V / Facebook

Still got those XS62Ns on my #1 strat since 2015 ❤️ these are just really versatile 🔥🔥

Ralph G / Facebook
The best pickups. Looking forward to firing up my Strat again!
Stevie F

Great pickups ! I have them in 3 guitars. Some of the first you made .

Fernando V / Joseph J

HV58 Gold. The Best. Thanks to Entwistle Pickups.

Nazeem B / Facebook
I put a Dark Star into a Flying V and it made an “ok” guitar into a great guitar. Love your work👍
Jim C